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Tauranga Gem & Mineral Club Inc.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy for Field Trips and Clubrooms.

The Tauranga Gem and Mineral Club (TGMC) shows its commitment to protecting against the risk of harm or injury to its members, visitors, and the public, by the following Health and Safety Policy. The club will ensure to their best ability they provide a safe environment, instructions and procedures to all members both in the clubrooms, club activities and on field trips. The Club requires all members, visitors and guests to act responsibly and to comply with advice given by Club members and Officers, and to follow all Safety Policies, Standards and Guidelines. (Failure to follow instructions may result in prohibition to attend Field Trips or Club related activities.)


  •  All TGMC members and visitors are to ensure their own safety and the safety of others by ensuring they act responsibly to ensure the safety of members and of the public.

  •  All TGMC members and visitors are to ensure they do not adversely affect the environment in any way. Examples would be to fill in holes, not leaving rubbish, not affecting river courses etc.

  •  All TGMC members are to ensure any equipment or resources used in the pursuit of their hobby are safe and left in a safe state for others.

  •  Risk assessments will be conducted on all Field Trips to identify any unsafe situations or conditions participants need to be aware of, and what conditions of entry are applicable to the Field Trip.

  • The Club Officers will brief all Field Trip participants of all known hazards, safety and logistical requirements. (Such as limits on collecting, collecting areas, environmental requirements, starting and leaving times). All TGMC members and visitors are to attend these briefings and are to abide by these requirements.

  • In the event of an incident or accident the Club Officer or Field Trip Leader is to be contacted and appropriate action is to be taken. This is to be recorded on the trip sheet and investigated.

  • Contact details for the Trip Leader and a list of participants on field trips is to be taken on all trips

  • The Club’s initial contact with regards to any Health and Safety issues or concerns is any TGMC Officer or Committee Member. This person is to report to the President and Committee.

  • The Club aims to encourage safety awareness throughout the Club’s activities and will conduct training in safety related matters as appropriate to its activities.

  • Parents or Guardians are to ensure the control and safety of their children.

  • All Club members are required to report any incidents or accidents to a Club Officer or Field Trip Leader immediately for investigation and action. All incidents are to be investigated and discussed at committee meeting for resolution and action.

  • This policy is to be reviewed periodically or after a significant event.

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