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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can join? Anyone interested in our hobby older than five years old. We have a separate Junior Group.

  • Can I drop off my child for the Junior Group Meeting? No, all children must be accompanied by an adult caregiver.

  • What's the workshop for? Once a member has been through the workshop introduction, learning the effective and safe use of the equipment, it is made available at the advertised times.

  • Does the club have a constitution? Yes, it is available from the committee to all current financial members on request.

  • Can I come to see what the club is about without commitment? Yes of course. This is an opportunity to see the facilities the club provides. However, to participate in any activities such as workshop, auctions etc, you need to be a paid member.

  • I can't always come, is this OK? Yes of course.

  • How long is my membership valid for? Memberships are valid up to the AGM March.

  • Does the club cut or work stones on behalf? No, it doesn't. If you join the club you can learn how to do it yourself of find another member who may be prepared to do it for you.

  • Does the club trade in rocks, gemstones and fossils? No, the club is a non-profit organization and as such doesn't trade in materials.

  • What does the workshop night cost? $10 per annum. Big saw fees apply.

  • Why is the big saw locked? Only workshop supervisors operate the large saw.

More questions?

Leave your details below and we will reply as soon as possible. Whether you want to become a member, join us on an outing or for more information send an email or call us. We're happy to answer more questions!

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Tauranga Gem & Mineral Club Inc

Historic Village

17th Avenue West Tauranga

New Zealand



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